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Karen Stabile

Bridges to Excellence Leadership Development Coaching
Phone:  614-397-2350

“Connecting leaders and teams to talents they had no idea existed! Establishing a foundation through coaching to influence your corner of the world…”

Bridges to Excellence Leadership Development Coaching is a Strengths-based Independent Coaching Practice. Our focus is serving leaders and mining the unique whole individual.. Our goal is to connect leaders and teams to their most effect way of doing what they need to make happen.

Karen Stabile is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Executive and Leadership Development Coach, and Advanced Life Coach. She is the CEO of Bridges to Excellence. Karen brings 14 years of high-end retail management/operations experience to her coaching practice. After experiencing high periods of personal success, she tapped into developing and helping others become extremely successful and figure out what they need in life. She loves this so much better.

Clifton Strengths Results: Relator > Achiever > Responsibility > Connectedness > Learner > Harmony > Input > Discipline > Futuristic > Focus

As a natural connoisseur, Karen speaks the language of excellence and relationships. As a knowledge-seeker who can’t learn enough, study enough, and digest information on how to experience exponential results in leaders and in life, she's energized. Determined and not afraid to gently disrupt what needs shaken, while taking necessary risks works well to keep interesting.

Karen respects and holds the relationship between the coach and client to the highest standards. This relationship cultivates purposeful conversations, creating opportunities, possibilities, and outstanding results the individual desires.

It offers a safe environment to establish greater self-awareness…who you are and who you are not. What you are a champion at, or where your weaknesses or vulnerabilities warrant partnering and collaborating. We will not freely give away what we do not own, value, and love about ourselves. Who we are not, nor ever will be, is a vital detail providing the freedom to move forward faithfully, without compromising who we really are.

Leaders no longer need to guess at putting things out there and hoping they produce results. Trying what other leaders have done and hoping it works for them too, doesn’t always have lasting results and will ultimately drain the life out of you. Bridges to Excellence believes you can be a part of writing your own manual of how you best serve and lead others. You can stop guessing and KNOW!

- Coaching one on one, phone, video
- Start with Talent Finish with Strengths Workshop
- Team Building Workshops for a Strengths Culture
- 5 Areas of Well Being

To Contact Karen: (There is no obligation to move forward with coaching as a result of contacting Karen.)