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Susan Alexander, MBA, ACC

Rosebud Coaching and Consulting

510 Pincherry Lane

Worthington, OH  43085
Tel: 614.306.8196
Email address:

Rosebud Coaching & Consulting offers individuals and organizations a new perspective to their circumstances that enables them to produce "breakthrough" results". "Breakthrough" results are those outcomes that are not predictable given one's current view of life and they are results that would create a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Out of the coaching I provide, individuals experience life in a totally new way and start taking actions that weren't previously considered. As a result, people transform who they are in both their personal and professional relationships.

Additionally, Rosebud Coaching and Consulting offers specific coaching in the area of money and finance and how one's view of money and finance impacts the quality of your relationships and your life. We also focus on all the other strengths and talents one possesses to redefine how we assess "wealth". In examining and uncovering hidden assumptions around money and wealth, a new possibility for one's life is revealed.

Coaching services are provided one-on-one, can be provided in person or by telephone, whatever is most convenient for the client. Rosebud Coaching & Consulting will work with you to create a totally customized agreement that meets your needs and expectations. While the structure of the agreement is totally flexible, there is a minimum time frame of 3 months. With all contracts, a free one-hour initial assessment is provided.

In addition to individual coaching, Rosebud Coaching & Consulting works with teams and organizations to produce "breakthrough" results. Programs are custom designed and focus on strategic visioning, building effective teams, impact of extraordinary communications and delivering effective presentations. Depending on the needs of the organization programs can vary in length, and can include the creation of a "breakthrough" project to practice the new learning and behaviors.

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